The girls ask the guys: Central to hold classic Sadie Hawkins dance

By Krista Fog

The classic event that has been denied to Walled Lake Central in past years is finally here. The junior class is providing the school with a Sadie Hawkins dance on Saturday, May 3, on the tennis courts.

“Since Winterfest didn’t work out in February, we really wanted to offer another chance for a dance,” said junior Student Council member Erin McCarthy. “It’s really old-school, so there’s an exciting twist to appeal to the students.”

A Sadie Hawkins dance is an event in which girls are obligated to ask the boys to go with them, going against the tradition of boys asking girls.

Tickets are $7 and can be bought at lunch. The money goes toward Class of 2015’s Prom.

“I think it will be big because everyone is interested in it,” said junior class President Lauren Hudson. “There is even a prize that goes to the couple that was most creatively asked.”

Tickets are expected to go on sale after Spring Break.

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