WLC senior qualifies to run the 2014 Boston Marathon for an inspirational foundation

By Kennedy Werner

WLC senior Corbin “Cory” Pontious, 18 will be running the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21 for Team Joseph’s “Run for the Kids Who Can’t” program. $1,745 has been raised for the cause, dedicated to eleven-year-old Joseph Penrod who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Pontious, a cross-country and track athlete, began his marathon journey at age fifteen. At seventeen, Pontious met his qualifier goal for Boston at the Traverse City Bayshore Marathon, finishing at an impressive 3:02:59.  He will be one of the youngest running on April 21; though, he will not be running for himself.

“It feels great that I can do what I love to help an amazing cause,” said Pontious, “I’m really inspired by the boys that I am running for.”

Pontious commits his race to Penrod, son of Social Studies teacher Jeff Penrod who was diagnosed with Duchenne MD at five years old. The degenerative muscular disease hits the arms and legs of young boys, usually immobilizing them by their early teenage years. The disease eventually attacks necessary organs including the heart and lungs. 1 in every 3,600 boys is affected. There is currently no treatment or cure.

“[Cory] is making a difference. It takes an army to tackle something like finding a cure for Duchenne MD.We are very grateful to him for doing this. It does make a difference and continues to give us hope,” said Penrod.

The family and friends of the Penrod and the Pontious families encourage the community to support and encourage them to victory. Those interested can donate or wish Pontious luck at http://www.crowdrise.com/corypontious

“Physically, I’m not focusing as much on time, but rather to enjoy the race and the atmosphere,” said Pontious. “I will be much more motivated since I’m running for more than myself.”

Team Joseph is a non-profit organization dedicated to fund research for treatment and a cure for Duchenne MS at the top universities in the country. Founded by Joseph’s mother Marissa Penrod, the organization has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Doctors and scientists are currently on the threshold of discovering a treatment for Duchenne MS. Help by donating to the funds for this research.

“Cory is a very caring young man.  For him to do this shows he wants to make a difference and really thinks and cares about others. We are very excited and grateful to him for doing this,” said Penrod.

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