The final stretch: Senior reflects on high school with just one month remaining

By Simone Stephens

It’s almost over! Senior year is finally coming to an end. Is this sad? Sure. Is it an even bigger relief? Most definitely! At some point, it seemed like the year would never be over; but now that it’s almost at an end, the feeling couldn’t feel any better! Looking back at the past few years, it’s cool to think of how it all progressed. At the same time it can be overwhelming.

Thinking back on walking in as a freshman, high school was just beginning and the excitement was at its highest. A new environment, meeting new people, and moving up on the educational chain. See we were no longer middle schoolers. It felt as if we had grown up in a way. You don’t think about how far off but sudden senior year and graduation really is. The time goes by so quickly that it feels like it was just yesterday. Those four years you spent here are finally coming to an end. The days left are shorter and shorter. Nothing but excitement all around.

Containing that excitement for most of us becomes hard. The anticipation of graduation starts to claw away at us. It becomes harder to focus in class knowing that it’ll all be over soon. But for some, they don’t feel that excitement, but instead feel anxiety and nervousness building up. It’s possible that this is because we are soon being tossed into the real world. Everything we have become accustomed to or have been the norm for us will suddenly become a thing of the past. Nothing more than just a memory. This is understandable. We spent our growing years here at high school, and to think that now it’ll be over, can be overwhelming. For those seniors who do feel that way, after graduation one can doubt they will feel the same. The pressure of anxiety and nervousness will be lifted.

It’s bittersweet to think that in less than two months it’ll be over. Over the four years you make and cultivate friendships. See the same people every day. All the memories and fun times you have with peers. To think that once we graduate, it will be a new chapter in our lives. We leave behind the one of the thing that has stayed constant in our lives every day, high school. It’s a sad thought but it’s all worth the happiness we will have the honor of experiencing June 1st. Because after all, we made it through the final stretch.

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