False Flags threaten our freedom

By Kevin Coleman

From the Japanese to the Romans and Americans to the Nazis, false flags have long been a deceptive strategy used by governments to reach a desired goal, most commonly being the provocation of war.

The term false flag refers to a usually violent event orchestrated by a regime in order to shift the nation’s foreign policy. This shift in policy comes after the people have been tricked into believing that another nation or ethnic group deserves to be attacked. This violent response is justified by those in power as an act of self-defense or revenge, and frequently evolves into a full-fledged war. The more you analyze history; you will begin to realize that many cases of military involvement have been provoked on a false pretext, only after a false flag attack has taken place.

False flags make the most sense when the profit behind bloodshed is considered. Why would a government want to send their people to war in the first place? It may not seem sensible to desire war, but in every case, those who call the shots are never the ones getting shot on the battlefield. War is a horror, but believe it or not, the business of killing is extremely profitable for the industries that support it. Weapons need to be manufactured and are paid for by the government, so companies within the weapons industry, commonly referred to as the military industrial complex, produce missiles, tanks, guns and ammunition.

In the United States, a few of the larger companies within the military industrial complex include Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing and many more. All make a lot of money in the name of bloodshed. They manufacture everything from missiles to warships, and business is booming. This may seem like a step away from the subject of false flags, but these profitable businesses are a major source of suspicion for those war provoking events at least starting in the twentieth century.

In the mid-twentieth century, one of these false flag events came before the lengthy and unsuccessful war in Vietnam. This foreign conflict began after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which a US war ship in Vietnamese waters was reportedly fired upon by militants. This event was long after publicly declared to be a lie after the release of the Pentagon papers that outlined the plan to start a war. The war in Vietnam was never meant to be won, but rather sustained, as the companies within the military industrial complex made millions during this unnecessary and bloody conflict. American forces dropped 6,727,084 tons of bombs in Vietnam, compared to the 2,700,000 tons of bombs dropped in WWII by the Allies. This astonishing difference in war tactics could be poorly excused as timely advancements in technology, but with an understanding of the profiteers who make bank during war time, it is safe to assume that the ties between government and business are much tighter than the people may know.

False flags are not paranoid theories, as they appear officially in official government reports. In 1997, declassified documents entailed a plan known as Operation Northwoods from 1962 around the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Operation Northwoods consisted of multiple false flag proposals which would have allowed CIA operatives to commit acts of terrorism in major US cities and play them off as acts of Cuban aggression. This would allow a justified invasion of Cuba and wouldleave America with no choice but to participate in a foreign war that would yield incredible profits for the military industrial complex. This operation was proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was approved by the secretary of defense but ultimately rejected by then President John F. Kennedy, who was coincidentally assassinated soon after.

Hitting closer to home because of the short amount of time past is the events that took place on September 11, 2001. Many people dismiss any conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 because the comforting lie is far easier to consume than the uncomfortable truth. The attacks perfectly fit the mold of the false flag archetype and that which followed only serves as a testament to the pernicious manipulation of the military industrial complex. Vice President Dick Cheney served under President George W. Bush when this tragedy occurred. He also happened to be CEO of Halliburton, a weapons company that flourished following the attacks and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

False flags are easily passed off as acts of aggression, but the outcome of these attacks is what should be subject to our analysis. Never before have civilians had access to confidential knowledge and secrets. The internet is too often used as a source of entertainment, rather than a source of information. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. The choice is yours to make.

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