Class of 2014

By Ashleigh Coe


Time ticks by slowly, yet now seems too fast.

Senior year is finally here.

I sure hope it’s a blast.

However, I am scared to see,

What journey still awaits me.

I have waited all this time,

For that diploma to be mine.

And here I am, almost there.

Will it be too much to bear?

As a child, you see this day,

As an escape, a getaway.

But when the time has finally come,

For you to have your freedom,

You simply don’t want to leave,

All of your childhood memories.

What happened to finger painting and puzzles?

What happened to nap time and cuddles?

What happened to recess and snacks?

Sometimes, you wish they’d come back.

But now you are finally grown.

And are ready to be on your own.

Don’t let your fear hold you back,

Just remember your roots and you’ll stay intact.

Now we are heard and now we are seen.

Because we are the class of 2014!!!

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