Central students win special appreciation at MITES State Competition

By Kennedy Werner

Central won recognition last Saturday at The Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society (MITES) State Competition for students in Central’s 3D Mechanical CAD and Architecture classes. This annual competition was held on May 3 at Saginaw Valley State University and Central sent 13 of 37 projects from Regionals to States. In order to go to States, projects had to place in the top 4 of their category at Regionals.

Senior Kaitlyn Cooke took two projects to States that placed first in their respective categories. The first was her Interior Design project in the Architectural category, which placed first in Regionals. The second was her Fishing Rod & Reel Assembly project in the 3D Cad Mechanical category, which placed second in Regionals.

“In 20 years of teaching, [Cooke] is my first student to place first in both engineering and architecture at the state level,” said engineering and technology teacher Kenneth Melcher in a press release, “[This] just emphasizes my belief that girls can succeed in technical areas such as engineering and architecture and should be encouraged to do so.”

Sophomore Brielle Butler was able to use her Osterizer Blender Assembly project to place in three different mechanical engineering categories. Using the process of reverse engineering (dismantling a complex part and recreating an object), Butler was able to place first in one of the categories and second in the other two at States.

“I was surprised when I won the awards,” said Butler, “I didn’t think I was going to do that well because it is my first year. I am very happy that I placed well.”

Freshman Ryan Kolb and sophomore Josh Orr also had first place projects at States. In the architectural category, junior Alex Greggs’ exterior design project placed third in the state. Senior Antonio Acosta, senior Joey Miller, sophomore Connor Wrathell, and sophomore Alexis Lubin all received honorable mentions as well.

“States was different from any other type of competition I’ve been in, but it was good to see what it was like,” said Lubin, “It was a great experience and award after all the hard work.”

Leading up the State finale, the regional competition motivated students to spend months working on their projects. This event was held on April 22 at Farmington High School.

MITES is a non-profit organization to better the development of Michigan’s youth education of industrial and career technologies. Members include K-12 teachers, college instructors, students, administrators, teacher educators, curriculum specialists, guidance counselors, and representatives of businesses.

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