Numerous WLC students are awarded under the Legacy Scholarship Funds

By Kennedy Werner

An impressive 30 Legacy Scholarships were awarded to Walled Lake Central’s 2014 graduates on May 5. Held in Walled Lake Western’s auditorium, Legacy Scholarship Night memorialized students, coaches, educators, and families of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District community.

Scholarships are given by local businesses, school retirees, athletic booster clubs, personal memorials, and the Walled Lake Education Association.

“I am still in a daze to think I was lucky enough to get a [Legacy Scholarship],” said recipient Heather Martin. “The entire night was magical,” added recipient Krista Fog.

Memorial scholarships give financial aid to students in remembrance and honor of those who have passed. These include the Floyd and Julia Chowen Memorial Scholarship given to Melanie Bemis; the Thomas S. Chrazanowski Memorial Scholarship awarded to Tyler Davis; the Ethel Mugler Memorial Scholarship presented to Madyson McGann; the Barry Roseborough Memorial Scholarship granted to Katie Penrod; the John Shaford Memorial Scholarship given to Morgan Meredyk; the Gale Seedorf Memorial Scholarship awarded to Patrica Hartsell; the Mary Helen Guest Memorial Scholarship presented to Monica Norton; the Jan Schnelz Memorial Scholarship granted to Barbara Diaz; the John Drypen Memorial Scholarship given to Katelynn Sikkila; the John Sebold Memorial Scholarship awarded to Fog; the Frank M. Wilke Memorial Scholarship presented to Evan Fischer; the Frank M. Wilke Memorial Scholarship granted to Samantha Pulgini; the Chris Lape Memorial Scholarship given to Annaliese Picardal; the Joan Calhoun Memorial Scholarship awarded to Cassandra Downey; the David Dursi Memorial Scholarship presented to Zachary Kopy; the Heritage Memorial Scholarship granted to McGann; the Jonathan Day Perry Memorial Scholarship given to Davis; and the Robin Shapiro Memorial Scholarship awarded to John “Rudy” Morris.

“The fact I have been chosen out of many other students is incredible,” said Fog, “It is very personal and touching that I have been chosen to represent the Sebolds’ family member.”


WLC’s athletic booster scholarships honored athletes from Central’s football, men’s and women’s soccer, and bowling teams. The football recipients were Nick Adamowski and Sikkila. Men’s soccer included Eddie Gulick, Drake Kern, Strahinja Ljubevi, Joey Miller, Yousif Shina, Timothy Smerdon, and Joel Todd. Women’s soccer awards were given to Kaila Baroff, Haley Estes, Emmi Lawless, and Norton. Bowling scholarships were granted to Patrick Langan and Sara Abraham.

“The Booster Club does a lot for the program throughout the year and it means a lot to be given money for college,” said Ljubevi, “Soccer will always be with me no matter what.”

Other Legacy Scholarships were given by local businesses and the Walled Lake community. These awards include the Wilfred Berry Scholarship given to Diaz; the Dedoes Industries Scholarship awarded to Kaitlyn Cooke; the Carol J Scheneck Scholarship presented to Emma Klaserner; the Walled Lake Schools Employee Credit Union granted to Caroline Barrett; the Harold Estep Scholarship given to Arin Amin; the Smith Performing Arts Scholarship awarded to Michael Perry; the Gerald Wallace Scholarship presented to Davis; the Commerce Chargers Scholarship granted to Emily Buscemi; and the Walled Lake Education Association Scholarship given to Martin.

“It was an amazing honor to receive the scholarship and know that my hard work is appreciated,” said Martin, “It was an awesome night hearing what the Legacy holder had to say about their recipients.”

The Legacy Scholarship Funds is a Michigan corporation licensed to establish several individual scholarship funds for Michigan high school seniors. Scholarships for graduates of specific schools include Walled Lake Consolidated School District, Farmington Public Schools, Farmington Hills Mercy High School, MioAuSable High School, and Oxford High School.

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