Environmental club welcomes new members

By Mia Rubin

Walled Lake Centrals environmental club, the Tree Hugging Environmentalists Club (THE Club) does a lot of work to make our school and society a better and greener place.  

During the clubs meetings, they discuss ways to help our environment become more clean and safer for everyone.  THE Club plans on planting trees, and cleaning up the environment as best as they can.

For example, THE Club plans to combat how much paper waste at school by figuring out a way to make recycling at Central a possibility, other than just using the recycling bins.

President of THE Club, senior Jerra Woznick, is looking forward to a petproject.  Im excited to adopt a pet for the club! It is a great way to help our ecosystem. I wonder what pet were going to pick!

At their next meeting, THE Club is having a guest speaker come in to talk about ways to help the environment, followed by a pizza party! Sounds like a fun, interesting time.

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