SADD club aims to educate towards student safety

By Emily Money

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is a new club starting here at WLC. Juniors Nevada Leslie and Jenna Snider have created the Central SADD chapter this year with many goals in mind.

“We decided to create the SADD club because we thought that we should inform the student body that their ‘social experiments’ could potentially be very dangerous and hurt them in the long run,” said Snider.

After last year’s drug bust and a student passing away from heroin overdose in the Upper Peninsula, the founders decided to take action. “Nevada and I felt it was necessary to try to alter the path our generation is on by just informing them of the dangers that come with making destructive decisions,” Snider added.

This club includes texting and driving, drugs, alcohol, and sex in the category of destructive decisions. These behaviors are all too common amongst teenagers in today’s society. The club hopes to discourage them with “fun projects that people will really enjoy,” said Snider. “Hopefully they will think twice before they make their decisions about certain things.”

The club is advised by English teachers Shanell Eastman and Chip Hebert. Their first club meeting was October 6 and students from all grades were in attendance. The next meeting and officer elections will be held October 20, and they hope to have even more students show up.

“Jenna and I have a lot of cool ideas that we want to expand on in order to make our school a better place,” said Leslie.

“I felt obligated to make the club because my cousin passed away from a heroin overdose and my other cousin passed away while drinking and driving,” said Snider. “The SADD club is necessary because students need to know the dangers they’re exposed to.”

Originally created under the name Students Against Drunk Driving in Wayland, Massachusetts in 1981, SADD’s goals have expanded and new chapters have formed across the country. The WLC chapter hopes to connect and work with WLW’s chapter soon.

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