Deciding on dresses: Delightful vs. Disastrous

By Jill Ciampa

There have been the orange disasters, the leopard prints that should be returned to the wild, the ball gowns gone wrong, and, of course, the famous stretching-all-boundaries skirts. Dress shopping has always expanded the imagination and the wallet, especially in relation to Homecoming.

As Central’s Homecoming approaches, women scatter from store to store to find “the” dress.

“A junior once told me she drove two hours out and spent $300 on a dress,” said senior Caroline McGann.

From the blatant pastels to the mysterious dark silks, each dress has a personality.

“They don’t want to have a dress like anyone else,” sophomore Sydney Tinson stated.

McGann continued, “juniors and seniors go for black, red and white that are usually more like cocktail dresses.” Tinson agreed. McGann finished, “freshman and sophomore tend to stick to colors like purple, blue, and pink with more sequins and flowy styles.”

From the bargains to the overpriced, McGann stated that many of the most best stores during this season are “Windsor, Bebe, Macy’s and Great Lakes Crossing.”

“Homecoming has always been about being able to have fun with my friends,” McGann concluded. Choosing a dress could never change that.

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