Language classes schedule next ventures through Europe

By Jill Ciampa

Biannual travel for all three languages taught at Central has been a tradition for years. Currently, the Spanish and French classes are planning their next international trips. The trip to France is to depart on March 31 and return on April 9. The trip to Spain will depart over Spring Break 2017 and be over a course of ten days.

The France trip sign-up technically ended September 25, although, French teacher Barbie Green, the organizer of the French trip, has explained that she will take registrations until the end of November due to the lack of sign-ups. The enrollment for the trip to Spain will begin next semester.

“We are going to three of my favorite areas,” Green stated. “[Along with] St. Malo, Paris, Amboise, and Nice.”

The initial deposit for the French trip is $300, with monthly payments of $200. Overall, the cost will total to $4400.

The cost of the trip to Spain has fluctuated over the years, but the cost as of last year was $4200.

After spending years in a classroom learning but lacking the experience of the language, this trip offers a way to connect to a culture.

“It gives them [the students] history as well as beautiful scenery,” Green concluded.

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