Recent Bow-tie Tuesday craze gains momentum with students

By Emma Weintraub

The latest craze here at Walled Lake Central is Morgan’s Bow-Tie Tuesday. What started off as a simple accessory to Morgan’s button down shirt has become an expected occurrence every Tuesday.

“I thought of the idea last year and it didn’t really take off until this year,” said Morgan. “When Elizabeth Rexroat took the drama kids to Scotland, she was originally going to bring back a tie, but instead I asked for a bowtie,”

Not only has Bow-Tie Tuesday become a huge part of Morgan’s weekly dress code, but students have also taken an interest in the event.

“Every time I see a student wearing a bowtie, I will ask to take a selfie with them and tweet about it,” said Morgan.

Senior Alex Zikherman has participated in the event for several weeks. “For cross country meets we are expected to dress up. The bow-tie is just part of my outfit. Mr. Morgan saw me wearing one and asked to take a selfie for Twitter and I happily said yes!”

“As of right now, I have five bowties and hope to purchase more in the hopes of bowtie Tuesday becoming a Tuesday ritual,” Morgan added.


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