Peanuts movie hits theaters

By Jill Ciampa

Since its release in 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a recurring holiday tradition. Coming together to watch a timeless character and his best friend dates back nearly 50 years ago to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and most currently The Peanuts Movie.

“I remember laughing at Snoopy with my brother and we showed it to my kids recently and they thought it was funny too,” Social Studies teacher Joel Sharpe stated.“It shows the power of culture and generations and it is a huge part of American culture and identity.”

Fifteen years after the passing of the creator of the Peanuts comics, Charles M. Schulz, the LLC of Peanuts Worldwide finally agreed that it was time to bring a childhood memory back to life, releasing The Peanuts Movie.

Sharpe noted, “It will be interesting to see how true they stay to the old format and characters or if they change for the “new generation”. The Muppets [have been brought back and they’re] more inclined towards adults [within references]. I just hope they don’t make it too over the top; turn it into something it’s not.”

From the fond memories of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas, families and friends will gather to relive the memory of their favorite blockhead and his best friend.

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