Interact club sends tie blankets abroad

By Jill Ciampa

The Interact Club recently held their holiday blanket drive for the fifth time in their six years at Central. On Thursday, December 3, 45 students came to enjoy hot chocolate and create their own tie blankets for $2.

“The blankets are going to a Hope-Warming Shelter in Pontiac,” said senior president Isabelle Rosales.

Vice President senior Alyssa McCulloch added that they were preparing their next event for late January or early February. “We’re having a potluck,” she stated. Rosales continued, “We’ll be sending the boxes to the military [abroad].”

Interact club was the first service club to be established at Central and is a portion of Rotary International, an international service group. Rotary has been established since 1905 and is looking into ending HIV.

“We meet about every other week and have community service projects that help locally and internationally.”

Rotary representative Lorrie McVey explained, “Interact club is a way for students to get involved and help with changing the world. We really hope that [students] will stay with us and continue on later into college and even further.”

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