A strong, trustful relationship with parents a must for today’s teens

By Averee Herman

Since we were little we have been taught to be truthful and respectful, especially when it comes to our own parents. But as the years go by and we get older, sometimes we tend to forget those two simple concepts.

Having a good relationship with your parents is the key to having a happy life at home.  Holding close trust with one another plays a vital role in this, but lying to parents seems to be the common trend in this generation. When lying starts, trust slowly begins to break down in a family’s relationship.

“Always be honest, even if you know they don’t want to hear the truth,” advised senior Remy Sachs.

Being truthful and open with your parents is the best way to have a good relationship with them. There is a difference between confiding in them and telling them your deepest and darkest secrets. There are certain things that parents do not even care to know, and those things can be kept a secret.

“Although parents may not want to know about a lot of the things we do, it is better than having a relationship based off of lies,” said senior Ryan Rolnitzky.

On the other hand, when it comes to partying and going out with your friends, your parents should always be aware. If you are one to use the saying, “Well my parents don’t like this person, so I’m going to have to lie that I’m going somewhere else,” then your relationship with your parents is already gone.

“Parents are always worried about our well-being, I don’t want them staying up all night worrying about what I’m doing. I don’t want to have to do that with my kids either,” added senior Lexie LaBo.

Being teenagers, the majority of us do not think of the consequences prior to doing something, but parents do. Parents always hold our best interest and have the best judgement, although we try to believe that does not reign to be true. Holding a close and trusting relationship with your parents will keep everyone happy, and prevent hearing too many “I told you so”s in the future.

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