Dance likes nobody’s watching

By Jessica Johnson

As Spirit Week drew to a close, Walled Lake Central held two assemblies to get the students excited about Homecoming weekend. On Thursday, October 6th,  the Field Day assembly was held where the class dances performed.

In the end, the juniors took the crown while the seniors came in second. The sophomores placed third and the freshmen last. All four classes poured their hearts into their dances, and everyone gave their all. The energy level was high in the Walled Lake Central gymnasium.  

Each year, the class dances are organized and choreographed and filled with dedicated students. Although they are only performed once, the kids participating in the class dances put a lot of time and effort into perfecting the elaborate moves. They only have a few weeks to cram in hours of practice in order to memorize the full dance. There is also time to put into creating the mashup they will be dancing to and to choreograph the dance.

The day it is performed, the schedule goes in reverse seniority starting with the freshman. Class dance is a very anticipated part of the Spirit Week festivities, so the expectation of fellow classmates were high. Even the freshmen are held to high expectations.

The music starts, the crowd quiets, and the dance begins.  Students dance their hearts out, hoping all their hard work and effort pays off when it comes time to judge and score the points.

Sophomore Lauren Hamama says that the experience was “super exciting and definitely a lot of work”. She also said, “I loved doing the class dance with all my friends.” Junior Sophie Colvin said she would do class dance next year. Colvin and Hamama were just two of the many students in all grades to join in to this important part of Spirit Week. The class dance will always be a big part of Central’s fall activities, and is highly recommended to give it a try and help your class clench the win for spirit week.