Haunted House pop up all over during October

By Erin Pratt

When you picture Fall, you might think about cider mills and donuts; but don’t forget about the Haunted Houses. Every Fall there is Halloween and every Halloween there are Haunted Houses. What’s better than cold weather, falling leaves and being scared?

Do you want to be scared out of your mind? If so, go to Erebus in Pontiac, Michigan for the scare of your life. Erebus is the world’s largest haunted house and is four stories tall. It is guaranteed to terrify you in the dark of the night. The haunted house is open for most of the month of October and usually runs from 6pm-1am.

If you are looking for something new and closer to Walled Lake, try the Dark Legacy Haunted House in Wixom, Michigan. This new attraction is based off a true story of the GOH experiment, an air force base in Woxom promoted by the government, was not what it seemed to the public. The area was used to construct and maintain the Nike Air Base D-87. After the Ford plant closed in 2007, new findings from the base were coming to the front and now it is the spot for a haunted house.

Travel to Holly, Michigan and you can go to Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction and get a real life experience. Rotten Manor is Southeast Michigan’s newest and scariest attraction. This building gives you a first person perspective in a haunted building and will make you squirm with fear.

If you’re wanting to be scared this Fall, take a visit to the best haunted attractions in Michigan with your friends and family to make memories that you’ll keep forever.