Have to watch Halloween movies

By Mallory Baker 

  1. HalloweenTown (series)

This is a personal favorite, ever since I was little. I love the spirit and the feel for a secret world where people look like monsters, zombies and witches. Fun for all ages!

2. Hocus Pocus

Senior Mackenzie Teichner told me that this is her number one movie to watch when watching Halloween movies. She claims it great to get family or friends together and have a good  time.

3. Casper

This is an obvious one! If you haven’t seen Casper, then you’re crazy! This movie is about a ghost that’s  friendly. Awesome for kids!

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

So this one is a little bit more scary, and for older kids. I like this one but some people argue that it is a little scary (if you’re not into truly scary movies).

5. Monster House

The title says it all: a house full of monsters! Who wouldn’t enjoy this movie? This is great for the night before Halloween!

6. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Some people argue this one should be listed higher up on the scale of top 10 lists of halloween movies. Senior Madison Grady loves this movie and thinks it should be right below HalloweenTown!

7. Casper Meets Wendy

This movie goes hand-in-hand with number three which is Casper. It’s a sequel, but the first one is better. Casper Meets Wendy is also very good though, if  you’re into ghost stories.

8. Halloween

This is truly a scary movie. I do not like horror movies but if you dig those… This movie is for you! It’s a full on thriller, and will keep your eyes peeled!

9. The Worst Witch

As we go down the list, the Worst Witch is a good movie for family, because it’s friendly and making it look like witches can be good, too. Great for kids, or younger siblings.

10. A Disney Halloween

Who doesn’t love Disney? I know I do! This is a good turn around on a classic halloween movie, and has a traditional Disney appeal to it.