Everything is a balancing act

By Bianca Barden

At this age, teenagers want to be able to make money on their own in order to go out and have fun with their friends. Certain students are eager to be the best they can be in a sport, whether they are just having fun or searching for scholarships. It is also important for students to be involved in a few of the clubs offered by WLC in order to maintain a social life, meet new people, and have new experiences. Imagine taking part in all of the above and keeping up with school work at the same time! Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

Senior Carley Stevenson is able to maintain her job at Bigby Coffee while playing varsity volleyball and participating in Student Council. “It gets stressful at times but you just have to stay calm and organized and in the end it’s really rewarding,” she said.

Senior Tobi Oyinkolade works a part-time shift at Jimmy Johns, plays varsity football, runs track, and spends time working with Student Council. “It is a lot of stuff to have on your plate at one time.  All of these activities play a huge role in your day to day routine. In the end you get through it and it’ll benefit you,” he explained.

Senior Parker Coe spends his off time at Glen Oaks Country Club. When he is not playing varsity soccer, he spends his time coming up with great ideas in Student Council. “Balancing school, a job, sports and extracurriculars is not an easy task, but I have become accustomed to this routine. It may seem very stressful, but luckily I am surrounded by great people in my workplace and at school,” he explained.

Not only do seniors keep up with multiple activities at once, but freshman, sophomores, and juniors do as well. Junior Lindsey Amcheslavsky, works for a company called Startrek and dances on the varsity poms squad. She’s involved in the Spanish club and the Giving Tree Club as well. “It keeps me busy and it helps me with time management,” she said.

Many other teens at WLC take on a lot of responsibilities at once as well. Some would consider this biting off more than they can chew, but others handle multiple tasks with no problem at all. From school to jobs to sports and more, we applaud these outstanding students for their hard work.