Seniors prepare to jet-set for spring break

By Nick Murray

Every year the senior class comes together in hopes of finding the best place to travel for there once in a lifetime opportunity, senior spring break.

In years past, seniors have created an unofficial group of roughly 90 kids and set off on their journey come beginning of April. This year the Class of 2017 will fly to Barcelo, Mexico from April 3rd till April 10. Senior Madison Grady said “ I’m really looking forward to lying on the beach with friends and tanning.”

Every student must have a passport so it’s super important to get one in advance if you already don’t. While in Barcelo, seniors will have the option to participate with a fee in several different excursions, like scuba diving or snorkeling. The total cost for a individual to make this trip is about $2,500. “I’ve been working double the hours to help with the ridiculous cost,” said senior Mallory Baker.