Seniors defeat the juniors at annual powderpuff game

By Chloe White 

As the Powderpuff season comes to the end, the seniors celebrate their victory. All the hard work they put into practice paid off in a close win over the juniors, 28-24.

In preparing for the season and in the game, the girls never lost hope. “The team definitely improved and listened a lot more than last year,” said senior and coach Jacob Downey.

The juniors put up a good fight with the desire to beat the seniors. Despite the age gap, they didn’t let that slow them down. The juniors only lost by four points so watch out next year sophomores. “We balled out, just not enough,” explained junior and coach Nick Onwenu.

With the excitement of the game there were many players who came out to play, for instance the unstoppable junior Sophia Colvin ran all the way from the 30 yard line to the end zone scoring a touchdown to remember. For the seniors, Sydni Mazer was the star athlete who always seemed to end up in the endzone scoring a touchdown with her freaky speed.

    As the intensity of the game increased senior Lauren Gapp dove into junior Larissa Barnett causing Lauren a fracture in her hand stating that “it must of broke or something” in which she later noticed that night.