Falls hottest trends

By Chloe White

The Fall Fashion trends are in and if you  are wondering how to amp up your fashion this season look to Seniors Avery Fay and Olivia Bradow as they show off some cute new trends.

This season, scarves are a great trend to turn to when not knowing what to wear. Not only do scarves keep you warm and comfy but they show a fashion statement. “scarves are always successful accessories,” said senior Avery Fay. “They’re very cute and comfortable.”

It’s finally time to bring out your cute boots for the weather change. Boots are very fashionable and will protect your feet from anything weather brings their way. Senior Olivia Bradow wears a pair of Doc Martens to keep her toes warm and her fashion hot, explaining that she “couldn’t wait to bring out my boots this year!”

This fall season has brought out many trendy colors. People tend to wear darker colors like maroon, brown, navy, dark green, and black in the fall than in the summer. These colors mesh very well with the fall season and that is  why they are very popular.

For men’s fashion this fall there are many new trends including joggers. Jogger pants are like a sweat pant but a tighter fit, they come in many different colors, patterns, and materials. These pants can make you go from a comfortable look to a more sophisticated look just by the material of them.