Lion’s Thanksgiving Day Tradition

By Nick Murray 

Thanksgiving Day isn’t always about the food and coming together as a family, because for others it’s about the traditional Thanksgiving Day Detroit Lions football game.

Every year Thanksgiving Day falls on the last Thursday in November and it’s a big day for the Lions.

This year, the Lions won their game against the Minnesota Vikings 16-13 , but it didn’t come easy. With an amazing nine-minute opening drive, the Lions took a quick 7-0 lead; but for the remainder of the game, they struggled to score offensively. Relying on kicker Matt Prater, who went 3/3 in Thursday’s game, to kick the game winner field goal after a huge 4th quarter interception by cornerback Darius Slay to make the final score 16-13.

“It wasn’t an easy win, they don’t hand out trophies for a few wins like we have but we were happy to be able to pull out another win” said coach Jim Caldwell.