Half days pop up in WLC’s calendar

By Michael Attisha 

Half days in previous years were a very rare occurrence, however this school year is different. So far, Walled Lake Central has seen two half days with nine more to come throughout the year. But what do people think of the half days?

Two juniors, Destiny Dabish and Christina Isbania, love the idea of half days but the thing that ruins it from being perfect is the fact that on half days there is no lunch. Dabish stated, “I love half days, but not having lunch kinda ruins it for me because if i do not get to eat at school I will not be able to eat until around four’’. Isbania agreed saying that she “felt like the school had betrayed me‘’.

English teacher Casey Sage finds the shortened classes frustrating.  ‘’I wish they were structured differently, so there would be more time in class,” she said.