Secret Santa spreads cheer around WLC

By Bianca Barden

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned a person to give a gift to. The identity of the gift giver is not to be revealed. Secret Santa has been a part of WLC’s history for years through the choirs and other clubs.

In choir, they all draw names, and over a period of four days they buy their assigned friend gifts. This year, there was a $20 limit though some people choose to pay over the price limit.

“We look forward to it. It’s one of the best parts of the year. We ask what everyone wants/likes in general to get an idea of what to get them. My Secret Santa was junior Julia Mandilk and I got to give gifts to Mrs. Lenze,” said senior Katie Amidon.

Through the entire week, choir kids try to find out who their Secret Santas are even though it is supposed to remain a secret. “I got tricked so bad while I was trying to figure out who my Secret Santa was, but usually every year people find out who they had,” said junior Allie Claybaugh. “This year my Secret Santa was Senior Ariana Schweymaier. She got me socks, a mug, a Starbucks gift card, and more. I gave gifts to senior Christian Bashi and ended up spending $20 over the budget.”

Not only did the choirs decide to do Secret Santa, but so did a few different AP classes.
“Mrs. Borgquist came up with the idea to have a Secret Santa for her second hour AP Literature class. The rules were to do something creative that’s related to literature at little or no cost. We all put our names in a bin and randomly grabbed names from the bin and we’re going to find out who our Secret Santas are when we meet next,” said senior Shannon Pincheck.

Dave DeLuca’s 3rd hour AP art class also collectively decided to do a Secret Santa to get into holiday spirit. “We are very much looking forward to exchanging gifts. We had a budget of $20 and we pretty much got anything any kinds of gifts we could think of. We had people write out some facts about themselves and favorite things and picked from a hat. Who we were assigned is a secret until tomorrow when they get the gifts,” said senior Michelle Raytman.