Wealthy thoughts from Harold Sykes

By CJ Benton 

A high schooler who didn’t want to rely on his parents for anything is starting early. Walled Lake Central junior Harold Sykes started his own clothing business.

In Sykes’ words, ”Ever since I was little I wanted to start of my own clothing line so that’s what motivated me, I got the business with the help of my cousin, who knows people who makes great quality shirts.”

The brand name he came up with is “Young Wealthy Minds”. The meaning behind the name came from Sykes’ desires and present state. “It means I’m a young person and I want to be wealthy and to be wealthy you need knowledge and I’m trying to pass that on to other people.”

Sykes is going to stick with his dream he already has plans to expand his product. ”In a couple of months I’m going to start selling sweatpant and hoodies.” His plans to expand his product are growing tremendously and hopefully in the future his will have a website to share with the whole country. He has made profits off of his products and they will continue to grow.