What Central coaches are looking for

By CJ Benton

As winter sports tryouts are coming to an end and spring sports are on the distant horizon (some people just cannot wait to start training for spring sports), here are some pointers for making the team from some WLC coaches.

In women’s varsity golf, Special Services teacher and coach Ryan Johnston is “looking for a competitive spirit and a willingness to learn and team chemistry is always important if we have common goal”. This base for picking a team is great. It shows that the coach is making sure the kids are having a good time.

In men’s baseball, science teacher and coach Michael Roffi stated what was more important than being fundamentally sound at the game.”One thing I was looking for when I was a head coach was multi-sport athletes- this means they are very committed and in the weightroom 12 months in the year.”  Roffi went on to discuss the importance of being a team player and contributing to team chemistry., “In high school sports if you have good team chemistry you can beat team that look hard to beat you can beat them with team chemistry” Finally, Roffi explained that a commitment on and off the field and beyond the season is important. “I see who was doing offseason workouts and camps, and if they are good people on and off the field.”

The statements from the coaches could help the people who are new to the game and have a great desire to play the sport.