Favorite gifts for this holiday season

By Tiffany Barnes

The holidays are almost here which means colorful lights appearing on houses, Menorah candles coming to life, Christmas carollers are spreading the joy, and much gift giving and gift receiving is about to happen. The best part? Gift receiving!

No matter what age or gender you are, there is always that one gift you need to have. Different ages and different genders want different things for the holidays. I asked different age groups from fourteen to fifty two. The gift selection of people have varied from something as simple as money to something complex like a GoPro.

Teenager, ages fourteen to eighteen, usually want the latest technology or the most popular designer wear. Sophomore Lauren Gawenda said that she really wants Beats by Dre because it’s the best way to listen to music. Junior Ashley Downey said, “I really want Roots Sweatpants, specifically the grey ones.” Freshman Ashleigh Gawenda said that she doesn’t even have a clue what she wants.

As for the boys, sophomore Gustavo Aguilar said that he wanted a Xbox One if he had to have only one gift. Senior Elio Koka said he wanted cash for Christmas and so did junior Alex Espinosa. Many teens from this generation want expensive gifts or straight up cash.

Adults, ages thirty six to fifty two, want gifts from the heart or nothing at all. Science teacher Traci Banjanin, fifty two, said that she wanted a couch for Christmas. “I really don’t want anything except happy, healthy children,” Math teacher Lindsay Hartley, forty, said. “I don’t know, maybe a Starbucks gift card. Something simple,” Spanish teacher Luis Vasquez, thirty six, said. English teacher Melissa Borgquist said that she wants a DSLR camera or a gift card to the bookstore. The adults in this generation don’t really want anything but to be happy or a gift card to their favorite store.

With many holidays coming up, people are excited about many things. Holiday gifts are the one of the main reasons why people are excited. Considering what you want may be easy or may be crucial. What is something you want for the holidays?