Gilmore Girls is back

By Marcella Koza

Nothing has made Gilmore Girls fans happier than the exciting news of the show starting back up seven years later for a four part revival.

The show, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. came out on Netflix on November 25, consists of four, ninety-minute episodes. Each episode is a different season, starting the first episode with winter. Many people devoted their Thanksgiving day weekend to binge watching the whole revival. “I was excited to sit down with a cup of coffee and a few of my friends to enjoy one of our favorite shows,” junior Jewels Jamil said.

Viewers finally get many questions they’ve wonder about since the original Gilmore Girls ended answered. Do Luke and Lorelai end up together? Has Rory picked Jess, Logan or Dean? Are Lorelai and Emily still fighting or do they finally settle their mother-daughter feud? All of these questions will finally be answered at least to get some closure.