Choir takes field trip to spread holiday cheer

By Erin Pratt

Walled Lake Central’s choirs took time out on Tuesday, December 6 to sing Christmas carols for Walled Lake transportation service at a holiday party where the choir was the entertainment.

Senior Lauren Stabile said, “It made me feel really good to sing for them because they have to deal with us all year and it feels like we’re giving back.” The choir did a group singalong with the employees to make them feel a part of the show.

The students performed during their third hour and went out to lunch after as a group. Choir has always been like a family but it’s times like these that bring the kids closer together in the holiday season.

Junior Julia Mandilk said, “It was like walking into a community that all work for the benefit of Walled Lake students and singing was a way of giving back to them.”