Women’s Varsity Basketball takes on Farmington High School

By Alyssa Rester

All three of the women’s basketball teams were out at Farmington High School this past Tuesday for their second game of the season. Although only two of the three teams came out with wins, all three games were incredibly close and exciting to watch all the way through to the end buzzer.

The freshman team came out with an outstanding score of 60-6. The girls played incredibly strong throughout the entire game. Freshman Kaitlyn Coopersmith, one of the team’s forwards, said “I am really proud of how hard we played after working so hard for this win.” Coopersmith also talked about Freshman Joanna Zaraha and how strong she played through the game and said that she has progressed and improved greatly as a player.

The JV team came out with a win by just one point with the final score of 30-29, a close call down to the last second. Sophomore Isabella Cairo, the JV team’s small forward, spoke about how proud of her team she was. Cairo said, “We went into the game with high expectations of winning and came out on top after such a close game. It was amazing.” Cairo also pointed out sophomore Sydney Wade, a key component to the team by making a majority of the team’s baskets and bringing home a victory for the JV girls.  

The varsity girls fought through a long game, but unfortunately did not bring home a win. The final score of their game was 42-38, a close game from the start with an ending that was not in the team’s favor. Junior Alyssa Neamos said “we showed up prepared and ready to play, but Farmington played a lot stronger than us.” Neamos also said, “The whole team played great and I am really proud of them and I really can’t wait to see what we accomplish this season.”