Legacy Scholarships available for seniors

By Chloe White

Did you know you can earn money for college through the Legacy Scholarship program? The program offers many scholarships including some just for Central students. There are so many possibilities to earn the right scholarship for you due to the wide range of available scholarships, but time to apply is running out as applications are due by January 13.

With the small community eligible to apply and small number of people actually applying, your probability of obtaining money for college is strong. The highest amount from a single scholarship you can earn is $2,500, but if you apply for more scholarships than you can earn even more money towards your education. Senior Kyrsten Milatz, who plans on going out of state for college, explained, “I’m excited I get a chance to save money towards the college I’m going to.”

Legacy scholarships are especially important for all seniors and their families who are searching for ways to pay for college and now’s the time to apply for these scholarships.The scholarships range from $250 to $2,500. With 57 different scholarships opportunities, including the Sean Collins Memorial, Smith Performing Arts, Commerce Elementary, and the WLC Women’s Soccer Boosters, and many more the goal of Legacy is to offer money to students due to their talents and hobbies, so that they can save the most money and get a good education.

Legacy Scholarships can be earned by community service hours, sport stars, and good grades. The scholarships first were established by local businesses, athletic booster clubs, and the Walled Lake Education Association. The deadline for applying is no later than 12:30 pm on January 13, 2017.

Counselor Kevin Botos explained that,  “You have to have patience while applying” and emphasized how it is very important to make sure that all scholarship applicants must submit two paper copies of the generic applications to counseling, two papers copies of the specific scholarship application to counseling, and one electronic submission of both the generic and scholarship application online. Some scholarships require more than submitting online, such as the Henry W. Patton Memorial for which the students must mail a written request application to Acromag Inc. Patton Scholarships.

You can find these scholarships on the Walled Lake Consolidated School District page, under “Parents”, then “Scholarships”, then “Legacy Scholarships”, and then “Current Scholarships”. Then you will see a list consisting of certain scholarships and click to view the following Scholarships.