Christmas is the time for a vacation

By Ashley Downey

Christmas is just around the corner and excitement is in the air, but one thing that people are not excited about is the cold Michigan weather.This drives interest of going on vacation for many people.

Whether it is out of town, out of state, or even out of the country, many people are traveling for the holidays.The holiday break started early this year for junior Paulo Perez Diaz and his family. They left December 18 for Mexico City, Mexico to visit his family for the holidays. “We go to Mexico every year for Christmas and it’s really nice having my whole family together,” said Perez

Sophomore Emily Vasquez left for Hawaii the first day of break. “This is my first time going there and I’m excited for the warm weather,” Vasquez said.

Sophomore Sarah Abrams went towards the cold weather instead of getting away from it this holiday break. Over Christmas break, Abrams and her family travelled Up North to enjoy all the snow, “I’m excited for snowmobiling and spending time with the family. The cold weather doesn’t really bother me,” Abrams said.

No matter where they’re going to be, students at Central were excited for break and for the holidays to begin.