ATTN: Crazy schedule ahead for WLC

By Shannon P

Winter break has unfortunately come to an end and school is on the minds of students as the days of sleeping in and wearing pajamas all day are exchanged for 6 A.M. alarms and the beginning stress for finals.

The Walled Lake School District headed back to school on January 4; yet, many other school districts didn’t go back until January 9. Students seemed angered at first that some schools get three more days off, but it doesn’t bother students as much now that we’re back. Sophomore Isabelle Lundin says “On Tuesday, I was dreading coming back to school, but now that I’m getting back into the swing of things it doesn’t bother me that some places are just now coming back to school.”

Monday, January 9 is the first PLC since December 5. The very next Monday there is no school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Then, once again, a PLC to start off finals week. So, on the bright side, although we got three less days off school, there isn’t a “full” week of school for the whole month on January.