Finals are quickly approaching

By Isabella A

This year, finals look a little bit different for Walled Lake Central students. Instead of the usual, having first semester finals closely following winter break, students have a few extra weeks to prepare. This year, finals start on January 25 and end on the 27.

Depending on what classes you are in, finals can be a lot different. Many seniors find this year the easiest due to the fact that they are enrolled in less challenging classes and ones that they enjoy. “My classes aren’t that difficult this year, so I am probably just going to study a few days before,” said senior Cooper Dundas. Most freshmen feel the same way because they are just getting started in high school and aren’t taking AP classes yet. “I am doing really well in my classes right now so finals shouldn’t be that big of a worry for me,” said freshman Joey Burr.

However, this year a lot of sophomores are in AP U.S History. This class can be very overwhelming and has been pretty stressful for most students, which is why a lot of sophomores are anxious about finals. “APUSH will be my hardest final by far because there’s a lot of information to study and its pretty hard to grasp,” said sophomore Taylor Davis.

Studying is very important for finals and students all have their own strategies of how they are going to study. Whether it’s studying a little each night, making flashcards, going online, every little bit of preparation can be helpful for making the grade. “Usually I go to library with all my friends because it’s helpful when we can all help each other and collaborate,” said junior Kennedy Turkington.