Cheer competes in quad m

By Ashley D

On Wednesday January 11 the WLC Cheer team had a competition at Salem against Salem, Milford, and John Glenn. Although the team came in fourth they were not disappointed.

“Going into it we knew that the other teams were going to be really good,” said sophomore Alyssa Rester.

The girls competed in three rounds and ended with a total of 604.3. “ Our goal for the end of the season is to get a score of 700 so we have some work to do but we are definitely going to get there,” said junior Erin Pratt. This was only the second competition of the season so the girls have lots of time to reach that goal of 700 points.

“Staying positive really helps us feel more confident and do our best. At the end of the day the scores don’t really matter because we know that as a team we try our best.” said sophomore Sarah Abrams.

The next competition is Wednesday January 18 at Waterford Mott. Good luck girls!