Winter formal coming to Walled Lake

By Brooke K

Once again, Walled Lake Central is holding a winter formal but with some major changes. For the first time, all three Walled Lake high schools combined will host the event only for the upperclassmen on February 25 from 7pm-10pm at Suburban Showplace in Novi.

“We wanted to make it something cool and masquerade made it seem different than just a winter formal,” Student Council member, Junior] Haley Kaplansky said. “And we wanted to unit the district and show that we are a community therefore making it all three schools.”With a theme of a masquerade, this event is specifically made for the upperclassmen only.
“We figured since it was our first year and we were going to do all three schools it made sense to only do the upperclassmen to reduce size,” explained Kaplansky.