Central welcomes new club- CAGE

By Renata T

Central’s Advocates for Gender Equality, or CAGE club, is entering its third year as a group of students prompted to discussion and action by events of discrimination against women in the media, on the news, or even in our own halls.

“The main purpose of the club is to spread a positive light on terms that people have preconceived notions about, such as ‘feminism’ and to raise awareness about gender inequality,” said club leader and senior Dasha Abbas. “Our goal is also to bring intersectionality to modern day feminism because feminism is about the liberation of all women, not just white, cisgender, straight, or able-bodied women.”

The club has many important goals to better our community. “CAGE was a huge part of the Student Voices forum that took place a few months ago,” Abbas said.  “Next week, we’re putting up a sign during lunch that says ‘We Can’t Have Unity without Diversity’, and we will have people sign it in solidarity and then we will put it up in Central avenue, as a symbol of community to send a message to everyone that our strength as a community comes for our differences and that should be embraced.” said Abbas. “Our biggest goal this year is to host a donation drive that is specifically for gathering menstrual hygiene products to people who don’t have access to them,” she continued.

Club members share Abbas’ passion for equality. “After the ban on refugees and the bills passed on Planned Parenthood, we are gathering as a group to spread togetherness and awareness that we must work to better this country, we are the future,” said junior Xavier Kemp.

The club started with 10 people and now has over 15 members. Started by seniors MIkayla Parrot, Emma Ogline, and Abbas, the club was initially it was called the Feminist Club and was under the direction of English teacher Justin Schumacher.

Now, with its new name and under the new direction of English teacher Melissa Borgquist the club meets every Wednesday at 2:30 in D205 and everyone, of every gender, race, and sexual orientation is welcome to attend to talk and think about ways to make our world a safer and equal place for all humans!