New commerce library opens

By Brooke K

The Commerce Township Community Library opened its new location at 180 E. Commerce Road, on Tuesday, January 17. The after closing the doors at its old location for the final time on Thursday, Dec. 29, at 9 pm.

“The new Commerce library is definitely an upgrade,” said Junior Alexa Aqwa.

The new library’s amenities include an auto book sorter, under-floor heating, fireplace with lounge seating, reading area, a children’s space, eight study rooms and so much more.

The library has already been put into use, especially during the past few weeks with finals and the new school semester starting. “During finals week I went to the library everyday for at least four hours and it was great,” said Aqwa.

The different areas for specific things is definitely a new attraction to many new library goers. “I feel with the different sections you can get what you want to get done without disturbing or being disturbed,” said Aqwa.

Whether it’s the new library membership you’re getting or just simply going to study, the new library is a different and new way to get what what everyone is looking for. The 35,000 square foot space is also an upgrade from the 20,000 square foot library that sits on Pontiac Trail. Junior Lily Eagleton stated, “The new location is so much more convenient for me because of living in the more central part of Commerce Township. Having to drive all the way to Walled Lake just to get a library book was a little excessive to me.” The library’s more centralized location in Commerce may even bring up the enrollment rate.
Another Commerce Township resident who really appreciates the new location of the library is Senior Logan Conners said, “I live closer to Northern but I go to Central and sometimes it’s a hassle driving all the way back past Central to go the library and now that it’s way closer to my house I feel I can get more studying in and get the resources I need.”