The last semester for seniors begin

By Kenzie T

The first semester of the 16-17 school year has to come an end and many seniors are already accepted and committed to college. Even if seniors are not yet committed to college, the first semester is over and many seniors feel like second semester does not count so stress goes way down. This means motivation for coming to school and completing school work is rare.

The first day of the second semester senior Matt Ford said, “No one was here today, my classes were empty; but, it’s second semester now so no one feels the need to come or try as hard as before.”

Although school cannot be completely disregarded, many seniors feel that this semester is more about having fun and participating in school events, hanging out with friends, spring break, and prom.

Spring break is just around the corner and that seems to be the only thing seniors are thinking about; many seniors are going to Barcelo Riviera Maya, Mexico. Senior Hannah Brandemihl said, “It’s second semester and all I’m thinking about is spring break and graduation. I cannot wait for spring break it’s going to be so fun and then shortly after we have prom then graduate, it’s going to go by so fast but I’m ready.”

Senior Mallory Wegrecki also said, “Now that the hard part is over I’m focused on getting in shape for spring break and shopping for clothes and bathing suits, I’m not really concerned about school work anymore. I’m going to Michigan State and can’t wait to graduate and go to college.”

Although students may think school is done for them, counselors and teachers think otherwise. Counselor Dr. Maryjo Hecker said, “Many students feel that school is already over and this last semester is a blow off but it’s not. Seniors need to keep motivated and finish their last semester strong.”
Math teacher Denise Shene sees seniors struggling with focus and understands.  “It’s hard for my seniors to stay focused this last semester and I do cut them some slack but they need to finish with good grades and get ready for college,” she said. “Staying on top of their classes this semester is the best thing they can do for themselves.”