Spanish Club takes trip to downtown Detroit

By Carson K

As second semester begins here at Walled Lake Central, groups such as Spanish Club ready themselves for a whole new season of adventures. The Spanish Club, as well as the other foreign language groups, look to educate students on the cultures behind the languages they learn at school through a wide range of extracurricular activities.

One event in particular, took place this Friday, February 3, at Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. The Spanish club headed to the area and ice skate alongside the French and German clubs. After they concluded skating, each club went to Los Galanes, a restaurant in  Mexicantown of Detroit, and spent the remainder of the night there. All students interested in the trip were welcome, even those not involved in these clubs regularly.

Ahead of the trip, the students and teachers attending said that they were excited for their trip and expected it to be a great opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures within Detroit. Those attending included Spanish and World Language teacher Luis Vasquez as well as students sophomore Olivia Orr and junior Amanda Sooch, with the French and Spanish clubs respectively. “Everytime I go, everyone has a great time. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the culture of the area and enjoy a friday night. The whole event is a cool experience and hope to have a decent turnout,” said Vasquez.

Orr and Sooch said that they were excited for their trip and looked forward to sharing the experience with the other members. “I’m most excited to go ice skating because it’s fun and I like skating with my friends. I’m also really excited to eat tacos so there’s that,” said Orr. Sooch, having gone on the trip before described some of the highlights of the night, “The ice skating is probably the best part of the whole night. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and whole experience last year. If the weather is good we’re in for a great time.”

With hopes for the trip set high, the clubs expected to enjoy their Friday nights learning about foreign cultures within Michigan and bonding with other club members. The Spanish Club also is planning a trip to Spain this spring break and hopes to continue to offer events like these to students who are interested. If you are interested on attending this trip, further information is in Laura Griffin’s room in B205.