Peaceful protests break out around the world

By Carina M

By definition, peaceful protest or nonviolent resistance is the act of expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of violence. Many Americans, including Central students, are following in a long history of peaceful protest to send a strong message about human rights and to act as a voice for others who are unable to have one themselves.

Seniors Mandy Ta, Patrice Linman, and Livi Charette peacefully protested their first time at the Women’s March in Ann Arbor. Ta said, “I loved it! Everyone was so nice and loving towards one another. I felt like it brought people together. We are fighting for the same cause, for the same reasons, and together we made it better.”

But, not all of those watching the many peaceful protests of the last few weeks are pleased with what they see. Some people find the protests useless and ignorant. Tomi Lahren, an online video host, believes that the protest that occurred after President Donald Trump’s inauguration was a “a bunch of sore losers gathered together…” She also stated that “these “protesters” are typical snowflake millennials.”

Lahren’s conservative viewpoints has evoked a fiery passion in people who are fighting for the rights she opposes. Senior Jessica Bladow’s response to Lahren was, “Tomi Lahren is very condescending when people don’t agree with her. People are trying to stand up for what they believe in and she isn’t going to stop that.”

These protests are not only for people who don’t support President Trump’s decisions, but also for anyone who wants to peacefully protest what they themselves believe in. For example, people who are pro-choice have been demonstrating to show their support for Planned Parenthood, which many believe is at risk in the Trump era. Peaceful protests are for everyone and allow citizens to use their voices without the use of violence or any negative disturbance.

Americans aren’t alone in finding a voice in the aftermath of the Trump inauguration through peaceful protest.  On January 21, 2017 (the day after President Trump’s Inauguration) both women and men marched for women’s rights. Over 5 million worldwide and 500,000 in Washington, D.C., came to march and protest their basic rights. People were  peaceful protesting at sister marches which is an event inspired by the women’s march. 673 marches were happening around the world in places like Topeka, Kansas all the way to Canberra, Australia.
Peaceful protesting has not only become popular in older citizens who are fighting for America to go forward, but also young people as well.