What its really like to be a second semester junior

By Brooke K

Whether it’s preparing for the SAT’s, applying to colleges, getting ready to say goodbye to senior friends, or even trying to find out what the last few classes you need to take before graduation next year are, second semester juniors are starting to feel the stress of reality.


Junior Casey Nelson said the most stressful thing about junior year is “actually getting into college. I’ve been studying for both the SAT and ACT, I’m especially worried about the tests and my scores for those.”


Preparing for the tests is an especially hard part of junior year. Junior year is the year you have to set goals and map your future out. Whether it’s taking the SAT, which is scheduled for April 11, or starting to apply to colleges, junior year is packed with decisions and new responsibilities. Central is doing everything they can to help the juniors prepare for all the upcoming events and decisions.


To help with juniors applying to colleges, Central has provided College Night which is coming up on March 22. With over 100 colleges attending, that opens up multiple options for juniors to look at. Also in the counseling office, information is available about SAT prep classes available and also consulars are available to meet with any concerns of future plans.


Like Nelson, Junior Ashley McGee is still nervous about the whole process. “The thing I’m most nervous for about junior year is definitely applying for colleges because it’s super stressful. I feel like it came up so quickly like I didn’t think I would be applying this soon.”
Stressful is a perfect word to represent the feeling most juniors are having around this time, even when the stress isn’t tied to the college application process. Junior Ryan Bednar said, “a hard part about junior year for me is saying goodbye to my senior friends and getting my gpa to where I want it to be before applying to colleges in the spring.”