Varsity Cheer places eight at Grand Blanc

By Alysss R

The varsity cheer team competed at the Kensington Lakes Athletic Association meet at Grand Blanc High School on Saturday, February 4. The team finished with an overall score of 584.98, earning them eighth place out of 11 teams in their pool.

Junior Hannah Vickory, one of the team’s captains, said, “We have had a very hard time trying to get out of last place this season and we finally did!” Vickory also spoke about that the entire team is working very hard to place even higher at districts in a few weeks.

Freshman Grace Buscemi, one of the teams flyers said, “It was so nerve wracking, I was so scared to compete at a competition this big, but I was so happy about hitting almost every stunt in round three it was incredible!” Buscemi is one of the two freshman flyers the team has and she has been hitting very difficult and high level stunts the whole season and the team said they couldn’t be more proud of how hard she is working.

Sophomore Melanie Felver was a JV cheerleader throughout the competition season but was been brought up to the varsity team for the last two and most important competitions of the season. Felver said, “I’ve never been nervous for a competition until this past one. It was terrifying, there were 26 teams total and all of them were absolutely amazing which made it even worse. But once I got on the mat everything was fine and we killed it!”

The girls will have their final competition of the season on February 18 at Howell High School. The girls will be competing at the district-wide meet and are hoping and working very hard to bring home a win to finish out the season. Good Luck girls!!