Whats your favorite block day?

By Brooke K

A Block, B Block, C Block, the infamous hour and some change class period days. We love them, we hate them, they’re block days.

Depending on homework, blocks are usually super helpful to some students. With block days only being a select four classes, that gives students a chance to space out and plan their homework according to the scheduling. “A Block is probably my favorite, because I like my classes and it’s the day I usually get assigned the least amount of homework,” said junior Peyton Brikho. Brikho also added that “block days always help space out the homework I do get throughout the week.”

Depending your 5th hour on C block days, you lunch may change. Lunches changing usually means different friends get switched in or out of your lunch period. This gives many students opportunities to see not just their normal lunch friends but also their C block lunch friends as well.  Freshman Angelina Hashia said that her favorite block day is “for sure C Block, because my lunch switches so I get to eat with all my friends and I love all the classes I have that day.” Hashia also said that “during the rest of the week I have friends in my lunch but just not as many also they’re not in the same friend group so it’s good getting to spend time with both throughout the week.”

Classes can be affected by both friends and the teachers you have on those days. Having friends in back to back on block days can be awesome due to the fact that you get to spend half your day with them. Teachers can either make or break your block days. Either all your favorite classes back to back or unfortunately your least favorite back to back. Senior Amy Al-Abawi explained that her favorite block day is “B Block because I love ending the day with my 5th hour [Stagecraft.]”

Al-Abawi also said that “my only issue with block days are they’re just so unbearably long sometimes, especially if you’re having an off day.” The hour and a half classes are either super beneficial or super boring. Sure if you’re that kid that doesn’t do you work until the last 20 minutes of class and goofs around with your friends, sure block days are the best but on the other hand if you’re the kid that gets their work done in the first 20 minutes and you have to sit there for another hour you’re going to be miserable. Block days also bring up the dilemma of being able to get stuff done for other classes after finishing your work already assigned for that class but not having anything to do can cause problems such as distracting other or sleeping.
English teacher Casey Sage says that block periods for her and her students are “great because I feel that I get to get in a solid full lesson that I feel helps my students understand the lesson also giving them  time to ask questions and elaborate on anything that may be confusing.”