When is the right time to start to shop for Prom?

By Kenzie T

Now is the time to go prom shopping. Giving yourself as much time as possible to shop for prom is ideal. Finding the right fit, style and price will be easiest this way if prom is in consideration starting now.

Although guys may have to much a tie or a shirt, looking for pants or a suit jacket can start now. Girls on the other hand should be searching for the perfect dress now in order to find accessories and match with their date. Some places to look for prom dresses that are not too expensive are Group USA, Camille La Ve and promgirl.com.

Senior Sydni Mazer said, “I’ve been looking online for a dress for a long time and I actually got my dress last week. That might be a little early but I’m glad I got it out of the way and don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Senior Kaitlyn Gulick said, “I am so excited for prom I need to pick out a dress now so I don’t have the same one as anyone else.”

Gulick has a very good point. Not only do you want to start shopping now, but you want to look in a variety of stores so you don’t end up buying the same dress as everyone else. Senior Kyrsten Milatz said, “I didn’t really look in stores but I looked through so many websites until I fell in love with one dress. I’m ordering it online soon that way if it doesn’t fit I still have time to return it and look for a different one.”

There is also a prom dress group on Facebook to make sure girls do not have the same dress and get opinions from others on picking between two or three dresses. If you are not in the facebook group and want to be ask girls Mazer, Gulick, or Milatz or others to add you in.

Guys don’t have the problem that girls do and should not be worried about what they’re wearing. After the promposal, guys can decide how to match their date and rent a tux, buying one is not even necessary. Senior Drew Temple said, “I haven’t thought about what I’m wearing and am not stressed at all but I can tell all the girls are kind of freaking out.”

Prom is May 20 which is only a couple months away and will come up fast so now is the time to start shopping.