Who can say they sang for the Pope, the choir can

By Lexi S

“How many students get to say they sang for the Pope,” asked junior Jack Gibson. “We can!”  

That’s because every other year, students from choir go to a chosen location and this year, they decided on Italy. They will join Walled Lake Western and to perform in Italy, and even in front of the Pope. The students had to audition to be able to go, so it is a fairly selective group.

Due to high expenses, they have been fundraising since the end of last year. Recently, they had a coffee house to help raise money for the trip. They had many choir and non-choir students perform in the auditorium, while providing a few snacks. The turnout was great and a lot of the students sang.  “The event went really well, a lot more people showed up than we expected due to it only having a two day notice,” said senior Amy Al-Abawi, co-president of choir council.

The choirs from Walled Lake Western and Walled lake Central have gotten together every once in awhile for rehearsals. The choirs have really bonded these last few months through these practices. “It’s been really amazing getting to know and sing with all of the people in the group, and I can’t wait to spend time in Italy with them soon,” said senior Emma Ogline.
The Italy trip will be taking place over spring break from March 29-April 7. The students are very excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity and perform in Italy.