Last thing to make you cry

By Tiffany B

Everyone cries once in awhile. It’s a helpful mechanism to get your feelings out. There are tears of joy, sadness, and even anger. The staff at The Call went out and asked students and staff of Central about the last time they cried.

One of the worst parts about crying is realizing that you can’t find a solution to your problem. It makes you cry even more and makes you want to give up. Sophomore Faith Mpeba last cried because of her low self esteem. “I don’t know. People are rude and words do, in fact, hurt. When people tell me mean things, I tend to believe them which then makes me cry.” Mpeba then explained that she felt as if she couldn’t find something to help make herself feel better. The famous saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt” is not true. What you say to others and how you say it can make a person feel a certain way.

Although crying is mostly caused by sorrow, there are times where people cry from happiness. Maybe from someone you haven’t seen in awhile, or maybe something that you finally accomplished can make you shed a tear. Sophomore Katlyn Orr said she cried last because of her dog going into labor. “I was like, ‘oh my gosh my baby is going to have little babies!’ I was crying because they were so cute and small.” Even though her face got all red and tears were flowing out of her eyes, it was certainly a happy, emotional moment.

Then there are times where all your frustration builds up and you want to let it all out without causing a scene. These are the moments you cry. English teacher Melissa Borgquist cried last because of fury. She tried pushing her son to try out for the swim team and it ended up a disaster. “I told my kid to join the swim team and after ten minutes of the practice, the coach told me that my kid was slow and a bad swimmer. I was mad at myself for making him do something and it ending with my son being sad, and I was mad at the coach for saying that my kid sucks. I cried because it was all my fault.”

Even though crying is usually a bad thing, it can help relieve all the stress that’s been building up.