Varsity b-ball defeats WLN

By Alyssa R

The varsity men’s basketball team played an amazing game at Walled Lake Northern on Friday, February 10. The game finished with a close score of 52-50, giving the Central boys another win. The boys are fighting very hard as their season end rapidly approaches.

Senior Dylan Hudspeth was frequently spoken about amongst his team after the game. The boys said he played very well and held his own against the Knights. Hudspeth said, “I have been working really hard this season because I really want this team go all the way and win the whole thing, this is finally going to be our year.”

Another name that was used again and again was senior Runako Ziegler.  Zeigler led the team with an amazing 20 points. Zeigler said “This is my last year to take us to the end and to really make some memories with this team. And that’s what I plan to do.”

Junior Houston Tucker was repeatedly spoken about amongst the team and was pointed out as one of the team’s rising stars. Tucker  said “I really hope this year we can win in the playoffs since last year was such a hard loss for the team.”

The boys are really giving these last week everything they have and are preparing for their next game at Howell High School to make the climb into the playoffs this year. Many of the boys will be graduating this year and are ready to go out with a bang! Keep up the great work boys!