Students and their strange pets

By Izzie A

Many students at Central own pets such as dogs and cats and maybe a fish or two. But a select few own some pets that the average person would not have.

Horses are a strange pet that more and more students at Central have. This is mostly due to the members of the equestrian team. “I have a horse named Dolce because I am on the equestrian team and it is good to have your own horse,” said senior Avery North. “I really enjoy being able to have my own.”

Reptiles are a popular exotic pet, but not a lot of people here at Central tend to own them. “I wanted to get my own lizard because when I was in Florida I was trying to catch lizards on the beach, but I never caught one,” said sophomore Alex Sayeg. “So when I came home, I got my lizard named Lizzy from the pet store,”

Another pet you wouldn’t expect the average person to have is a pig. Normally, we see pigs at places like the petting zoo, but recently they have become popular to have as pets. “My sister has been obsessed with pigs ever since she was little and her first stuffed animal was a pig,” said senior Reid Gordon. “Ever since then, she has always wanted a pig and we finally got one and named her Ruby. They are kind of like dogs because you can train them to sit and do commands,”